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Get the Care you Gave!

Ever been Burnout?

Burnout is described as a syndrome that encompasses both physical and emotional symptoms from varied factors such as stress from work, money issues, individual differences, personal frustrations, unresolved emotional issues and physical exhaustion

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Tasha Holland-Kornegay

Founder of Wirl


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A Letter from Our Founder,Tasha Holland-Kornegay

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I started WIRL because, if I needed it, I knew millions of other health professionals would too. It all came from a severe episode of burnout. You know the story: I was working long hours with unpredictable schedules in an emotionally intense department.

When I got home, I hardly had enough time to rest, let alone spend time with my family. It took its toll, and in the throes of burnout, I realized how wonderful it would be to sit down and talk to other health professionals who get it.

That’s why I launched WIRL. Today, we do just that. Our growing community of health workers make friends and support each other. The whole WIRL team gets it. We understand what you’re going through. That’s why it’s our mission to help health professions not only survive but thrive.

Thanks for what you do.
Tasha Holland-Kornegay, PhD, LCMHC

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